In early 1995, I had the desire to create a virtual art gallery on the web, so I looked around to find inspiration from other virtual art galleries that had gone before me. The virtual art galleries that populated the web back then had crappy layouts over a default grey Mosaic background (you know background colors were at one time considered an INTRUSION into the open standards of HTML, ha!) Then I met Jaron Lanier at a show at the Kitchen in NYC one day, and he talked about Virtual Reality. After hearing him on that day, I was totally sold and wanted to create a Virtual Gallery where a visitor could really interact with the art.

After kicking around a few ideas, and playing with some authoring programs, I realized that the web was still not quite ready for prime time as far a REAL Virtual art goes, I mean virtual art where there is actual interactivity going on. Yeah, I know that java has been singing up a storm about how it can make windows zoom and sizzle with excitement, but to tell the truth, I have seen a lot more enticing graphics in Quake than in any java generated virtual art on the web:)