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Naoko currently lives in Vienna and uses her friends as models, as she uses her knowledge of color theory to reflect on the emotional characteristics of the people she knows best. Naoko does not believe that a signature is really part of a painting and therefore only signs her paintings on the back to show their authenticity. She is also not fond of frames and prefers to show her work without. But if a frame is a necessity, then she prefers a simple frame of unfinished wood in the style of Shinto shrines.

Her artistic preferences are very reminiscent of medieval Japanese court poetry, where every nuance of prose was carefully chosen and diagnosed, and where simplicity and depth was valued highly, and where flash and superficiality was not.
Born: Medellín, Colombia, 1960
Residence: Medellín, Colombia
Union Club 1986
Freeway Gallery Art 1999
GROUP EXHIBITIONS Book Ilustration and Cartoons 1986
Room Young Art XVIII 1987
Room Young Art XIX 1988
Room Comerce Chamber X 1995
Aution Rodeo Club 1996
Castle Museum 1996
Four Point Sheraton Hotel 1996
HaudyCraft Comerce Asso Gation 1998
Commerce Chamber 1999
Commerce Chamber 2000
Cra. 32 N° 12 A 11 Medellín - Colombia
Sur América
Director: Mr. Hildebrando Mejãa
EDUCATION Architec 1985
Studies engraving arts in the ectching 1991
Studies Oil painting 1992
Pontificia Bolivariana University
Studies of Advance Painting 1997
National University Of Colombia
My painting is always about passion. My passion for the subject, my passion for the composition, my passion for the tactile sensation of painting. I want viewers to see what I see ... the concept of each painting. Whether it's the beauty of a pose or the beauty of the body, I want them to see that concept. Sometimes the concept is about color, sometimes the composition, or sometimes there's a situation that the viewer has to decipher.

I want my paintings to be more than average representations of life. I want the viewer to react and see a humanness and the subtle romance of life: to see that exquisite human quality, that jubilant, timeless combination of strength and frailty, that beauty and grace in all of us and our environment.

I strive for honesty in my paintings, in my pursuit of creating beauty. For me, grace and movement are the most important aspects of this pursuit.
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