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Georg Janusjewski is from Vianna Austria and has traveled extensivley throughout Europe and America in search of spiritual perfection. He has found much of what he is looking for right under his own tree in a suburb of Vianna Austria where he continues his creative output.

Georg has done a variety of art over the last 30 years, including painting, sculpture, music, and acting. His song about Codo, an extraterrestrial that visits earth to bring a message of peace, became a big popular music hit in Austria in the 80s. Georg is an endless creator, a person striving to communicate through a variety of artistic medium, and his section of the Soho Virtual Art Gallery is currently in a "work in progress" stage.

Born: 1949 in Vienna Austria
* 1964 - 1969; Worked as an apprentice goldsmith at the famous goldsmith shop of K and K Hofjuweiler in the first district of Vienna. The shop specialized in making jewelry for the royal family of Austria.
* 1972 - 1975: Lived in Munich Germany and worked forPeter Sussmuth and Lynn Theobald
* Josef also spent a half year in Kinshasha, Zaire, and worked as Artist in Residence at the Art University of Kinshasha, under director Alfred Lyolo. He also spends time in Mauii where he is commissioned to do work with Michael Schwarz, a fellow Austrian jeweler.
* Exhibitions: In Switzerland, Austria, Germany in various times and galleries. In the 70's and early 80's these exhibitions were entirely from jewelry, but in the last 15 years, he began to create and exhibit sculpture.

Josef's work is ripe with references to nature and ancient tradition. His work in Zaire helped shape his style, as it shares an affinity with tribal works; although Josef's work is original, and he lives in the thoroughly modern city of Vienna Austria. His sculpture is composed of cast iron, wood, and bronze.

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